Easiest way to engage students

Mesh automatically

detects if students are

confused during lecture.

Stop and address.

Or continue teaching.

Your Choice.

Ms. Judy Belleti,

Founder & CEO Bright World

"Mesh's most unique features are designed by university students for university students - a huge bonus in meeting the needs of end-users."

Professor Paul Yu,

Provost UC San Diego

"Mesh can bring about a new paradigm shift for instruction at the university. The student's timely feedback can help the instructors to streamline their presentation to meet the students' level of understanding while engaging them to the lecture."

Mr. David Lopez, Executive Director,

Teach for America - San Diego

"Mesh shows tremendous potential to help professors do more with less especially for improving the quality of their instruction and ensuring students are truly understanding the material."

We Work with Faculty From

Optimize your lectures by knowing where to improve.

Teaching is a continuous learning process.

What Educators are Saying


Every Student

Know When

They Don't

Don't Stop

 The Flow

Save Time

Dr. Makeba Jones, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego

"Using Mesh was a great way to increase participation in my large university classes. It was more successful than encouraging oral discussion. Usually 6-7 students participate in whole class discussions regularly, whereas over 80 students participated in class discussion through Mesh. It was very successful!"


Words that were not understood, were never spoken

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